Promoting Educational Organisation through people

"To reinforce top and middle managers competencies of higher education institutions
by developing a human resource management and staff development strategy"




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T.Ryskulov Kazakh Economic University

29 October, 2014

Projects with the Human Recources


American University of Armenia (AUA)

December 10, 2014



December 10, 2014

"AUA Staff Attend Tempus PEOPLE Seminars in Portugal and Spain"



Sharing Information with TEMPUS Leadership

"The AUA Insider: November 2014" 
(targeted to over 15,000 subscribers over the world).
An update on two visits and project activities was provided to Ms. Lana Karlova, Coordinator of National Erasmus+ Office in Armenia.  Also, brief information on the project was shared with Mr. Klaus Haupt,  Head of Unit, EACEA, during his visit to AUA.


December 18, 2014

Information briefing was held on the international project "PEOPLE" at Kutaisi University


14 July, 2015

3 days training seminar at Kutaisi University

T. Ryskulov New Economic University

30, September, 2015

Personnel departments should become centers of human development management.


November 16, 2016

Kutaisi University participated in the International Conference held within the framework of the "PEOPLE" project


29 May, 2017

Two representatives of Kutaisi University attended the two-day conclusion of the TEMPUS PEOPLE project



Project Presentation (final version)

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